e-Strategy Consulting

With a strong competence in providing secure bespoke conceptual designing, digitalization, content development and multimedia productions for commercial, web and audio-visual purposes, OceanSpring has carved a niche in designing and empowering political, news publishing, hotel and tourism, civil societies, electronic commerce and other businesses  website projects.

OceanSpring provides website design, hosting, management, e-commerce and e-strategy consulting services. We specifically cater for clients who require turnkey web enterprise solutions, electronic commerce, financial integration, branding and marketing solutions. Our current itemized service packages include:

  1. Website Designing, Hosting and Management
  2. Search Engine & Social Media Optimization
  3. Advertising Networks Delivery
  4. Electronic Vending and Polling Systems
  5. Political Systems Support Services
  6. E-Governance Project Services
  7. ERP and CRM Adaptation Services
  8. Ticketing and Control Systems
  9. Electronic Commerce Projects

OceanSpring Networks is compliant with ISO/IEC 27033 IT Network Security Standard. We provide opportunities for leading and remaining profitable in emerging markets; delivering edge-cutting innovations for an empowered sustainable business delivery.

Our service recommendations and implementation always takes available human resource and business objectives of our clients into consideration, streamlining design process to ensure ease of adaptation and learning.