OceanSpring International Corporation

Our Sustainability Scorecard

OceanSpring operates in diverse regulatory environments and territories. Commitment to a balanced regulatory, developmental and sustainable environment therefore remains a business strategy for us. We have an active policy of involvement and diversity management in all our operating environments.

OceanSpring has a supportive stance for ideas and actions that promotes Quality Education, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Improvement, Environmental Protection and Sports Development. Our education interventions promote financial inclusion and entrepreneurial capacity; and our health improvement initiatives will enable more people to live a richer, fuller and more assured lives.

As anchor partner for the Social Enterprise Consortium, we are working with other stakeholders across Maritime, Commerce, Financial and Public Sectors in Africa to create social investments and shared values delivering lasting impact for the well-being of our people. Our commitment to sustainability reporting enables us to contribute meaningfully towards energy conservation, community involvement, regulatory compliance and supply chain quality management issues.

OceanSpring Networks is compliant with ISO/IEC 27033 IT Network Security Standard. We are committed to increased compliance with the requirements of GRI-G4 Sustainability Reporting. Our operations are being guided by ISO 14001 Certification Standards for Sustainability. We are an Equal Opportunity Corporation providing affirmative support for green energy, sanitation and conservation.